ID Reader 8″

Comet ID Reader checks your tag carrier then reads each wafer scribe. The Comet ID Reader sends the information to your Host with SECSII Gem commands Easy to use and very small footprint, the COMET ID Reader is the best tool to avoid lot errors Designed for using 200mm – 8″ , SECSII GEM communication, […]

Sorter Table Top 6″ & 8″

The COMET Organizer TT is a cassette to cassette standalone machine Used for the randomization, compacting, drag & drop wafers etc. Standard recipe database & manual mode & Gem-SecsII Interface The COMET Sorter is a cassette to cassette with optional SECSII communication It can be used with a standard database recipe, in manual mode « drag […]

Vertical sorter (CVS) For SPIN DRYER Process

Wafer Size 6” or 8” transfer Batch transfer Single transfer Automatic dummies insertion The CVS insures the transfer of a complete batch of wafers from a transport carrier into a process carrier. Thanks to its wafer scanning, Comet CVS detects empty slots and adds dummies when necessary. With the TAG reader, Comet CVS keeps in […]

Sorter 200 & 300 mm & OCR

2, 3 or 4 cassette load ports Notch aligner inside Cognex OCR Inside The COMET Sorters are compact, fast, reliable and meet your different requirements. The COMET Sorter with OCR is integrating an optical notch aligner and OCR system for front and back scribe reading Comet provides standard recipes as ID Sorting, Randomizing, Compacting, using […]

Comet 2 station

Transfer 25 TO 25 3″ to 8″ The Comet 2 station is the easy way to transfer 25 wafers from cassette to cassette or cassette to boat. This Comet is fast, clean, reliable and accurate. Customized for your different boats and carriers. Compatible with your communication requirements and other manufacturer’s processing equipment. Integrated Infrared Heat […]

Gemini Cassette to Cassette transfer tool

The Gemini is one of the smallest automatic wafer transfer systems available worldwide.  This semi-automatic transfer tool has a very small footprint and can load and unload 25 wafers from cassette to cassette in less than 30 seconds. Once the pusher raises the wafers from the cassette and transfers them into the head assembly, the head assembly […]


Solar – Photovoltaic ELYN I Stand alone Solar Batch Transfer System with automatic conveyor ELYN II Stand alone Solar Batch Transfer System with manual conveyor RIPLEY Stand alone Solar Batch Transfer System High Throughtput with 6 axes robot SEMI Batch transfer Gemini Gemini   Comet Comet monostation Comet 2 station Comet 2 station With flip […]

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